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from Josephine Thornander

My name is Josephine, I am a spiritual management consultant based in Sweden who has worked on developing everything from small to high multi 8-figure companies since 2013.

Fast forward to 2023, now saddled with an MBA I have embarked on a new adventure by helping you and your business in conscious development.

Less mindless hustle

I've been the person who built their career and business within the outdated normative career ladder, I bypassed my emotions, I felt that I needed to be perfect and "on" all the time to be successful.

I've been afraid that my company wouldn't support change in lifestyle (like having kids, moving house, or dealing with grief/illness) because I was too ON without a system. And - it didn't feel good.

So I rebuilt.

More mindful magic

My range of services is based on my multifaceted knowledge base. with a focus on - development through conscious methods.

My own reprioritization.

We were all there, all isolated in different ways. When the world ended up on pause during the pandemic.

In our seclusion, I think we all had the opportunity to reflect on who we are outside of the usual daily work and routines. This was the straw that finally made me commit to a reprioritization, because we know that life's real treasures are not found in just blindly climbing the career ladder in yesterday's normative workplace.

I was now ready to invest in conveying my passion and all my accumulated knowledge.

Mindful living

We live in a world that is connected and automated, where people, empathy and understanding have long been prioritized.

I am here to support you in conscious development, by offering services that take a holistic view of your work and personal life.

Therefore, I work with methods within Mindfulness, Flow and Neurodesign.

Connect with me at

Holy crap podcast

Part of history

Listen to part of my story in Holy Crap podcast episode 197. I share about my upbringing in poverty, sometimes homelessness, hoarding and mental and physical violence - in Sweden's richest residential area.

Soul & Business

How can we create magic together?

I know you know you can radically raise your standards in your life + business. It's time for you to raise your standards

You are ready to walk with someone who has walked the path. I support women stepping into business outcomes that "don't make sense".

Create a new way of living

I am ready to enhance every aspect of your business. Because this is not just about building a business. It's about building an empire, a legacy and a life without borders.