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4 weeks

Build momentum.

We'll kickstart with a 1:1 coaching session, then follow with 4 weeks of chattsupport.

1:1 Program

It's time to start the journey of unleashing your potential for you and your business.

A program for strategic insights, providing a laser-focused micro-analysis of key business aspects as well as insights into your own limitations in your mindset that are blocking your expansion.

We start with a dynamic 90 minute session, followed by 4 weeks of chat support.

Program structure

Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic

In Momentum , we let go of the traditional course structure for an agile and personal approach. Tailored support, real-time consultation and guidance designed specifically for your unique business needs await.

✔️ 1 x 90 min 1:1 calls

✔️ Chat support between Mondays-Thursdays for four weeks from our coaching session

✔️ Access to customized documents that we develop together during our conversations

➕ Instant action plan that you can implement after each call to help build momentum

We'll kickstart with a 1:1 coaching session, then follow with 4 weeks of chattsupport - for the entrepreneur that needs proximity and someone to brainstorm with along the way.

Support for:

» Business strategies at a high level.

» Build optimized and irresistible offers.

» Ethical sales skills that convert.

» A customized and effective marketing system to build an unstoppable brand.

» Back-end systemization and tools.

» An unbreakable entrepreneurial mindset.

Where is your focus needed right now?

You also get:
  • Cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to truly believe in yourself and your soul vision.
  • Take ownership of your life and business.

Ready for expansion?

Apply for your place today and start your development journey!

Applications are processed continuously and the program is started continuously. Get ready to start the next step within the next 48 hours.

Begin your journey to build momentum.

Before entering this program, it is important that you:

Feel ready to act and implement.

Feel confident in your work and your ability to deliver to your customers.

Thinks big and has the desire to take your company far.

Understands that sustainable business requires consistent initiatives over time.

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What do some of the clients say about my coaching?

Read testimonials from Guided Growth sessions

"In just a few short months of working with Josephine, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Josephine's unique insight, her attention to the not-so-obvious, contributes to her overall spirit and knowledge as a life coach. I was fortunate to our paths crossed."

- Corinne J.

"Josefin's coaching has really helped me during a time of great change in my life. She has helped me redefine my priorities and take huge steps towards a more fulfilling career and life."

- Beverly S.

"My natural state is severe 'analysis-paralysis', measuring my worth by performance and pursuing perfectionism over progress. It can be difficult for me to make decisions and take action. Enter Josephine! She has a special gift in providing a safe space where I felt encouraged and supported to bring my "mess" to the table. She offered an objective perspective where we could zoom out and identify the underlying challenges that prevented me from taking the actions I desired. She was a constant resource for motivation and empathic leadership when I felt the need to jump ship. She was the strength that helped me stay the course - the course I knew was true, genuine and necessary for my ultimate fulfillment. Today, with Josephine's help, I am in the arena and living my most fulfilled chapter yet."

- Audrey H.

"Josephine has a true knack for combining empathy and accountability in her coaching style. She first listened to let me tell my story without expectation or judgment and then helped me define the right plan. She constantly reminded me of my stated intentions when I wavered or considered going against my better judgment. I felt she truly shared my desire to achieve my results, and saw it as more than a problem to be solved, rather than a process that required continuous practice."

- Lynn A.

“Josephine and her program are a game changer. I came across her TikTok at a time when I was feeling lost and unmotivated. Where I had felt that I had reached my peak in every part of my life. During our first discovery session, I was hooked. I knew this was exactly what I needed and I was willing to go all in on the six month program together. I allow myself to be vulnerable and open to all possibilities. With her coaching and the actions I've taken, I've been able to discover who I am at my core, my purpose and my Zone of Genius, which has helped tremendously in my business. Josephine has opened my world to so many new opportunities and I am so grateful for how dedicated she is as a coach.”

- Emma L.