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Marketing has changed.

I help you keep up. With an infusion of expertise and passion, together we can create conscious development for your organisation and business.

We help you create

Magical Experiences

Location, Destination & Brand Development

With over a decade of assignments in business development and management for brands in the Hospitality Industry, Retail, HoReCa and FMCG.

We work with developments that create magical experiences and epic stories.

We help you create

Epic stories

Impressions, Experiences & Creative communication

With awareness and creativity, we take your business to the next level.

Through an ability to integrate events, design elements and graphic concepts, a holistic communication is created for you as customers.

We don't just deliver services - we create meaningful connections and results that last.

Josephine Thornander

Josephine Thornander


Together we will create magical experiences that tell epic stories.

I am on a creative mission to introduce conscious methods of development through Mindful Business - for conscious and sustainable development.

As a multi-passionate consultant, I pride myself on my skill in creating creative experiences. I coach you or take responsibility for entire processes: Strategy, analysis, concept, activation, management and implementation.

Operational & Strategic support

After 10 years as a consultant in business development and management, I have a broad background and experience in marketing and communication. This, combined with an executive MBA, makes me uniquely positioned to help you.

Full service agency

With a wide contact network of freelancers, who are experts in their fields, you can get customized overall solutions for your unique projects in marketing, communication and design.





– Seth Godin

"There is art in your story and magic in your brand"

– Courtney Paige Pay

"Less mindless hustle,

More mindful magic”

– Josephine Thornander