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Coaching is a collaboration between you as a client and me as a coach, with the goal of strategically developing a life and a successful business aligned to you and your goals.

Boost your organisation on individual and team level for sustainable and harmonious success.

My role is to help you who are brave and innovative to create a vision for your company or department that is in line with your values and goals. With that vision, I provide guidance, support and hold you accountable to frame your goals and work through them, enabling you to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

“There is art in your story and magic in your brand"

– Courtney Paige Pay

“Less mindless hustle,

More mindful magic”

– Josephine Thornander

Mindfulness in Business

Success is a byproduct of business, but it should never be pursued at the expense of people, experiences, and values ​​that are sacred to the individual.

From burnt out & stagnant to flow

If you as a leader or entrepreneur experience imbalance, burnout or are in a stagnant period, I will help you get out of this through mindset coaching that enables you to adapt your relationship to work and simplify your business.

A business in line with you and your values.

Whether it's about adjusting your mindset or simplifying a process, I'm here to help you navigate between soul and business.

Flow with Josephine

Ready for expansion?

Book 1:1 coaching below or email for customized arrangements and group coaching.

We don't usually recommend one-off sessions, but when you have a particular situation or goal in mind, it may be useful for you to book this!

Coaching testamonials

Corinne, FR, Virtual Assistant

"In just a few short months of working with Josephine, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Josephine's unique insight, her attention to the not-so-obvious, contributes to her overall spirit and knowledge as a life coach. I was fortunate to our paths crossed."

Beverley, UK, Freelance Marketing Consultant

"Josefin's coaching has really helped me during a time of great change in my life. She has helped me redefine my priorities and take huge steps towards a more fulfilling career and life."

Andrea, SE, Accountant

"I have had the privilege of having Josephine as my personal life coach. Josephine's knowledge and insight into life and behavior patterns is what helped me make the necessary changes to begin taking care of my own heart and soul. She guided me and has started lifting me from a very dark place after my life had crashed at the end of last year.So far we have focused on my weak points and started working towards a goal, and after a month I feel like I could be a full new version of myself, I feel hopeful. I would 100% recommend Josephine as a coach to anyone. Josephine shows me optimism, empathy and she has helped me gain new perspectives on challenging areas of my life. I was like many others convinced that a coach couldn't help me, but wow, I was so wrong. Now we'll see what the rest of the year brings."