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For 1:1 or group coaching - boost your organization on an individual and team level.


Goal-directed, intentional & sustainable approach to business development.


Develop the normative workplace and yesterday's practices.

Conscious business and organizational development

Mindful Business

Success is a byproduct of business, but it should never be pursued at the expense of people, experiences, and values ​​that are sacred to the individual.

With an infusion of expertise and passion, together we can evolve the normative workplace and yesterday's practices through the use of a purpose-driven, intentional approach to your company's business and organization.

Goal-directed, intentional & sustainable

Because I believe that using a purpose-driven, intentional approach to your business will help create value for your customers, as well as society, and thus create long-term success for your business.

Contact me for packages within lectures and workshops.

“Less mindless hustle,

More mindful magic”

– Josephine Thornander

Team & leadership development

Coaching services

For 1:1 & group coaching

Coaching is about a collaboration between you as a client and me as a coach, with the goal of strategically developing you as an individual and a successful company - adapted to you and your goals.

Boost your organization at the individual and team level to harmonious success with people who stick.

My role is to help you who are brave and innovative to create a vision for your company or department that is in line with your values ​​and goals. With that vision, I provide guidance, support and hold you accountable to frame your goals and work through them, enabling you to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Organizational development

Mindfulness in Business

From burnt out & stagnant to flow

If you as a leader or entrepreneur experience imbalance, burnout or are in a stagnant period, I will help you get out of this through mindset coaching that enables you to adapt your relationship to work and simplify your business.

A business in line with you and your values.

Whether it's about adjusting your mindset or simplifying a process, I'm here to help you navigate between soul and business.