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Coaching & consulting for

Conscious businesses


I’m a spiritual management consultant with an MBA & 10+ years in business development based in Sweden.

I'm Josephine, your spiritual management consultant based in Sweden, working with business development and management. Here I've been shaping everything from small startups to high multi 8-figure enterprises since 2013 - and I’m so happy to see you here!

Building an aligned business

I've been the person who built their career and business within the outdated normative career ladder, I bypassed my emotions, I felt that I needed to be perfect and "on" all the time to be successful.

I've been afraid that my company wouldn't support change in lifestyle (like having kids, moving house, or dealing with grief/illness) because I was too ON without a system. And - it didn't feel good.

So I rebuilt.

Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic

Armed with an MBA I transitioned from mindless hustle to mindful magic, and I've embarked on a new venture to help you as entrepreneurs and leaders develop your life and business.

Ready for expansion?

Join me on this journey of building an aligned business where emotions are embraced, perfectionism is left behind, and success is defined by your terms. 

So, are you ready to infuse joy into your business and in your life? Ready to redefine success, and make every step of your journey feel downright amazing?

I'm ready when you are.