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Josephine Thornander

Josephine Thornander

Mindful Living

Mindful development

I am on a creative mission to introduce development with conscious methods - for both companies and individuals.

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With a commitment that is equal parts empowering and entertaining, I share my knowledge in conscious development in: Flow through Mindfulness, The Mind-Body connection and Mindful Business.

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Why Hire Josephine?

For Workshops & Lectures


As a true speaker, I share a moving life story mixed with real lessons from my life and career.

Strength & Resilience

I inspire others to overcome their own challenges.

The Mind-Body Connection

With lived examples mixed with research, I share my knowledge about "The mind-body connection" provides insights for a more balanced lifestyle.

Self-esteem & Empathy

The path to building stronger self-confidence, self-esteem and empathy. To create better collaboration and relationships, both on an individual and professional level.

Mindful Business

With in-depth experience in business development and marketing, I give you practical tools for success in a conscious world.

Personal Growth

Through valuable aids and tools, the development of individuals and thus organizations is promoted.

Speaking engagements & Workshops

For Inspiration & Development

Authentic leadership, soulful living & mindfulness

Speaking enagements & Workshops about

Mindful Business

Explore subjects within conscious business development, mindful marketing and soulful living.

Our Mindful Business workshops and lectures focus on how you can incorporate mindfulness into your processes, values, leadership and culture - you choose what we focus on.

Mindful Development

These workshops and lectures provide practical insights and tools to create balance and success through conscious business development.

Lectures & Workshops on

Flow through mindfulness

It is well known that the happiest and most productive employees have one thing in common: they often achieve Flow.

The difference between an individual being in a state of Flow and a team being in a state of Flow is independence and interdependence.

When a team experiences Flow collectively, they can feed off each other's energy. The advantage of having the whole team aim for periods of Flow is that individuals in the zone are not threatened by distractions or the wishes of others: everyone is in a co-active state of high productivity.

Synergies in Flow

When teams optimize their time by entering periods of high focus and productivity together, they end up working as a beautifully synchronized team.

In this topic we delve deep into what Flow is, how we can use it and what tools are available to achieve it.

Speaking enagements & Workshops about

The mind-body connection

Gain insights for a more balanced lifestyle, healthy organization and prevent sick leave.

Success is a byproduct of business, but it should never be pursued at the expense of people, experiences, and values ​​that are sacred to the individual.

Through her own experience, Josephine has delved deeply into the subject of "The Mind-Body Connection" - how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health. Our workshops and lectures provide an external support function for you as a leader and for your employees, not only through tools for well-being but also a freedom to talk about challenges and thoughts with an external party present.

Focus on Mind & Body

The lectures and workshops focus on how to create a balance between mind and body to promote well-being and health. Participants will learn to understand and use this important connection to live a more balanced life.

Experienced Adversity as Strength

Ready for Mindful Living?

Inspiring Lectures and Workshops with Josephine

Our workshops and lectures can contribute with inspiration and knowledge in a variety of contexts - at conferences, breakfast meetings, kickoffs and the similair.

We recommend booking a workshop that is conducted in direct connection with a lecture to first go through the topic and the tools.

The length of our lectures is generally 60 min and the Workshop 90 min. The target price for a lecture or workshop is SEK 15,000 plus VAT, or SEK 28,000 for a package with a lecture and directly connected workshop. Exact conditions and price are presented with a quotation.

Choose from 3 different specializations or a tailored plan

Choose between: Flow through mindfulness, Mindful Business, The Mind-Body connection or a tailored plan.

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