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Guided Growth

A 3 month 1:1 program

A 3-month 1:1 coaching and consulting program tailored for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate.

Are you where you want to be?

In Guided Growth, you are offered tailored access to consulting services through a 1:1 program.

With unique personal advisory services, tailored to your specific entrepreneurial journey, you are challenged to strengthen your marketing, increase your turnover and expand your mindset.

Step into a three-month immersive experience.

The goal is to increase your turnover and at the same time support you in developing your business in harmony with your life to achieve more freedom.

A program for


that can be repeated.

A program for


which is effective.

A program for


with intent.

Program structure

Maximize your results with a personal touch!

In Guided Growth, we let go of the traditional course structure for an agile and personal approach. Tailored support, real-time consultation and guidance designed specifically for your unique business needs awaits you.

Each business and entrepreneur faces its own unique challenges, possesses its own strengths, and strives toward its own unique goals.

Therefore, the focus in this program is on offering real-time support through practical consultation and guidance that directly responds to your specific needs, while working towards long-term growth and scalability.

The cornerstones of Guided Growth consist of:

» High-level Business strategies.

» Build optimized and irresistible offers.

» Ethical sales skills that convert.

» A customized and effective marketing system to build an ICONIC brand.

» Back-end systemization and tools.

» An unbreakable entrepreneurial mindset.

A program for


which are optimized.

A program for


and tools.

A program for


that is entrepreneurial.

90 days

Through focused support, we handle your specific challenges and opportunities.

❈ Strategic Roadmap: Develop a customized growth strategy aligned with sustainable business practices and long-term success principles in operations and marketing.

❈ Mindset Mastery Sessions: Overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a resilient entrepreneurial mindset to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

❈ Brand Identity Workshop: Craft an authentic brand story and visual identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the market.

❈ Targeted Growth Initiatives: Implement strategic growth initiatives tailored to your niche, leveraging online and offline channels to attract and retain customers on a sustainable way.

❈ Leadership Empowerment: Enhance your leadership skills whether you are a solopreneur who needs help in self-leadership or an agency owner to inspire your team, foster a culture of innovation, and drive business success with authenticity and purpose.

What you can expect:

» Kickstart with a 1-hour private strategy session with me, Josephine.

» 1 x 1:1 biweekly coaching calls (6 sessions in total) with me via teams. The sessions are 45 minutes each.

» Get access to a private Slack channel for customized chat support and coaching, Monday through Thursday

» Personal feedback on your development of strategies, marketing materials such as content, sales pages etc

You also get:

Cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to truly believe in yourself and your soul vision.

Take ownership of your life and business

Turn your life into a playground of discovery, creativity and wonder

Stop dimming your light to fit in and embrace ALL that you are

❈ Watch your inner dialogue go from "Is this all??" to "I can't believe this is my life!"

Ready for expansion?

Applications are processed continuously and the program is started continuously. Get ready to start the next step within the next 48 hours.

Your success is critical.

Before entering this program, it is important that you:

Feel ready to act and implement.

Feel confident in your work and your ability to deliver to your customers.

Thinks big and has the desire to take your business far.

Understands that sustainable entrepreneurship requires consistent initiatives over time.

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