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For entrepreneurs & leaders

Mindset Reset

6 week intensive program to remove blockages & find clarity.

A focused & intentional process to recalibrate your mindset.

Mindset Reset

6 weeks

For Entrepreneurs & leaders

You are reading this because you know there are things in your life that you can no longer ignore or tolerate. You know that what you currently feel, think and how you move in the world will not change on its own.

Live to your full potential

I know personally how exhausting it is to feel disconnected from who you are and what you really want in life. Therefore, I dedicate my work to guiding women home to themselves.

Mindset Reset

Embrace your true brilliance! Break free from the vicious cycles of burnout, anxiety and self-imposed limitations.

Start living the life you were designed to enjoy and feel fulfilled by.

This is for you who...

» Who are ready to upgrade to version 3.0 of yourself and take it on with confidence!

» If you want to pave new paths for your potential and finally take steps towards a company in line with you.

» For you who are looking for clarity on which steps you should take, want to dare more, build your self-confidence, learn marketing and money mindset - all with a mentor in your pocket.

» You are driven and ready to do the work required to achieve your goals. You want material for self-development – ​​videos, homework, and challenges, as well as strategic help to keep moving forward.

Your mindset is under continuous development

Every time you achieve success in your business, it means a natural change 🌱

Because what got you here won't necessarily get you there. Your business needs to evolve with you, and these natural cycles of change and renewal are part of the process.

There's always momentum in this rhythm, so if you encounter a setback, it doesn't mean you're going backwards.​​

It is only when you cling to old patterns or old identities that you stagnate

It's time to let go
Embrace the full spectrum of being an entrepreneur

Experience yourself in successes and setbacks. They may not always be comfortable, but they are exactly what will accelerate your growth and take you to the next level.

As long as you continue to let go of what no longer serves you, you will remain on an upward trajectory and meet new parts of yourself along the way. .

And so your greatest task is to be in this duality , to step into who you are becoming and leave behind who you used to be. .

Mindset Reset

Learn how to meet this future version of yourself, embrace her, and start acting like her NOW.

You may need to mourn the loss of something within you, but I promise there is so much beauty in the rebirth of the person you are becoming. .

What parts of your old identity are you holding on to that are preventing you from stepping into the next level of success? .

Can you give yourself the freedom to let go?

Release your inner critic

Shifting to a positive mindset

Understand your true purpose

Learn to listen to your intuition

Heal previous wounds

Reveal your inner blocks to happiness

To understand who you really are

Finding appreciation and joy

Josephine Thornander


I'm Josephine, your multi-passionate consultant and coach.

My name is Josephine, I am a spiritual management consultant who has worked on developing everything from small to billion companies since 2013.

Navigate between Soul & Business

I have been the person who built their career and business within yesterday's normative career ladder, bypassed my emotions, felt that I needed to be perfect and "on" all the time to be successful.

I've been afraid that my business wouldn't support lifestyle changes (like having a baby, moving house, or dealing with grief/illness) because I was too ON without a system. And - it didn't feel good.

So I rebuilt.

You are an individual entrepreneur with a unique journey

I am your guide, support you at every step and help you accelerate the growth and turnover of your business. I help you with development that is in line with your values ​​and goals.

"I can warmly recommend Josefin, Thank you <3 Josefin is so empathetic, serious and confident in her way of conveying her messages and knowledge. I am super happy and grateful for the guidance and her genuine manner which will help me a lot along the way.”

– Pia L

“Josefin is really genuine and dedicated. She has the ability to ask accurate and challenging questions that inspire and facilitate change and development.”

– Alexander B

Mindset Reset

Now is the time to give yourself the necessary push forward so that you can begin your journey.

6 weeks

  • Get your big WHY clear so you can lead with purpose.
  • Identify WHAT you actually want to do right now in your life
  • Develop your personal decision-making framework so you can eliminate "analysis paralysis" and make confident decisions that allow you to truly shape your path forward.
  • Crystallize your long-term, bigger-than-you-thought-possible soul vision so you no longer feel stuck in a box and you can finally see how far you can go.
  • Cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to truly believe in yourself and your soul vision.
  • Take ownership of your life and business
  • Turn your life into a playground of discovery, creativity and wonder
  • Stop dimming your light to fit in and embrace ALL that you are
  • Watch your inner dialogue go from "Is this all??" to "I can't believe this is my life!"


  • 1:1 coaching calls of 45 min every other week (total of 4 sessions) with me via Zoom, where you will transform your current obstacles into deep self-understanding and passion-driven action
  • You will receive chat support in Slack Monday through Thursday throughout the program.
  • An in-depth discovery and self-examination process to help you clarify your values, develop a deep understanding of your goals.
  • A personally designed plan between sessions to help you with momentum and development throughout the program as well as a framework for making clear, confident decisions.
  • Exercises to help you strategically design your path forward and ensure that where you are going is actually where you want to go.
  • Goal mapping and action plan for your soul vision that anticipates the impact you want to create in this lifetime.


Your exercises are yours to take with you, keep working in and keep forever. This is a tangible (and invaluable) takeaway where you map out your entire vision and plan for execution, that is, where you will build all of your exercises and findings into action. I want you to walk away from this experience with a layer of content and tools that you can use to continually refine and iterate on our vision, creating a sustainable path forward for yourself.


This work is profoundly transformative. To book a Discovery session, you must be motivated to focus on your personal growth.

I have had the privilege of working with many brilliant people and of course I want to continue to have the opportunity to work with even more. But it is extremely important that we both feel that we are a good fit to work together - so that I can help you thrive and create the optimal coaching package that facilitates you to reach your optimal result.

Your success is critical.

I'm deeply invested in my clients' success, I commit to always showing up with integrity - and that starts with us being a good match for my programs.

That's why I do an initial evaluation when you submit your application and get back to you to schedule a discovery session of 20 minutes.

6 weeks

The investment for this 6-week intensive program is SEK 18,000 excluding VAT.

Apply to the program

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