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Husköp i Blindo: När Hemmet Ligger i Andras Händer

Buying a house in Blindo: When the home is in someone else's hands

I have taken a deep dive into the latest addition to the Swedish house program - Husköp i Blindo. The program that made Sweden hold its breath while dreams of the perfect home take shape.

In Husköp in Blindo, participants give up control over their future housing by letting the experts find and renovate their dream home alternative. It all happens without them having seen the home themselves first.

Buying a house blindly Carin da silva

An Exciting Premise

In the show, viewers watch as families and couples sign a power of attorney that gives the experts the power to choose and buy their new home, as well as renovate it according to their wishes. This unique premise has captured the attention of many viewers and attracted both the curious and interior design enthusiasts.

Carin da Silva is the presenter who guides viewers through this journey, supported by experts such as Sebastian Stojanovic and Lena Nyholm. The experts get access to the families' budget for the house purchase, renovation and decoration, which sometimes means they have to be creative with limited resources.

house purchase in blindo lena nyholm

Meetings Between Dream and Reality

One of the most moving parts of the program is when the families get to see their new homes for the first time. Initially, they are often met with disappointment, but they forget that the house is supposed to be renovated.

But I have to ask myself if it's genuine disappointment or if it's recommended by the producers that the participants play it up a bit... Because if it's genuine disappointment, I'm a little surprised at how little visualization people have. What do you think? Is it an unusual quality to be able to visualize? Or maybe it is precisely those who have had difficulty visualizing who did not find the "right house" before the program 🧐

After the experts have had time to make the residence the home of their dreams, disappointment turns to joy and anticipation. Lena Nyholm, the interior design expert, explains that her work is about understanding families' preferences and creating a home where they feel comfortable.

The challenges on the Road

One of the biggest challenges in the program is the budget. Lena Nyholm shares her passion for recycling, vintage and second-hand finds - a passion that we at Hemrum share! 🤩

Using existing furniture and giving it a new function is part of her creative strategy for creating dream homes on a tight budget. Something we at Hemrum also work with through our interior design services, it provides opportunities for unique and sustainable interior details!

Interior design with love

Lena Nyholm emphasizes that interior design is not an easy task, and it requires the help of experts and long-term thinking.

The fact that we are fans of Lena Nyholm is not only for recycling but also for her niche within Neurodesign!

Neuordesign , which we also work with and you can read more about here, is about how our surroundings affect our well-being. It is important to find inspiration from places where you love to be, and Lena emphasizes that it is a process that requires practice and patience.

As something of a house show junkie, I will definitely finish watching the series!

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