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Feng shui, Neurodesign och mer - Inredning för wellness

Feng shui, Neurodesign and more - Interior design for wellness

Combine authentic design with well-being

We know that your home decor can either boost or detract from productivity, intimacy, efficiency, recovery and even happiness. Everything in your home triggers an emotional response. The spaciousness of your home, the layout of the room, the lighting, the use of materials, the presence of plants and flowers, the use of color and the use of art are all ways to improve your mood, increase your focus and reduce anxiety.

Home room interior design homestyling
With a deep understanding of how our environments affect our mental state, thus also our energy and recovery, Hemrum was created.

Many practices in interior design are specifically aimed at promoting well-being through your interior design, depending on which "school" you use, there are different ways. Through Hemrum, I work with what is called Neurodesign .

Because exactly the way we have chosen to work is what Neurodesign is all about, that is, it is not just about aesthetics; interior design affects our health and emotions. Our environments affect our mood, reduce stress and improve sleep. Through neurodesign, we can create environments that support health and performance.

Hemrum helps you with interior design
We help you explore your inner adventure through interior design

Open your mind to neurodesign and explore your inner adventure. Let your surroundings guide you towards better health and performance.

Set the course for better health by understanding neurodesign, the connection between science and interior design. Your brain's adventure awaits!

Book us for interior design advice and together with you we will make your home a better place for relaxation and enjoyment.

Because well-being starts at home.

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