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Business mentor & Mindset Coach


I'm Josephine, your spiritual management consultant based in Sweden, working with business development and management. Here I've been shaping everything from small startups to high multi 8-figure enterprises since 2013.

Now I've embraced authentic entrepreneurship and I'm here to help entrepreneurs and brands to develop to your full potential.

Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic

With coaching, consulting and mentorship I help you through stacking strategy, mindset and energetics for development.

With more than a decades experience combined with a focus on strategic and sustainable business development, I specialize in helping brands navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Your business can't outgrow your mindset

My passion for mindset coaching enables me to help you foster mental resilience, unlock untapped potential, and drive sustainable success for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Energetics, Mindset & Strategy

As entrepreneurs - Personal development & Business development goes hand in hand. Read more about my 1:1 coaching & mentor services

conscious, mindful & sustainable development

Marketing & Communication

Consultant services for brands in outsourcing, advisory & coaching

I have been working with business development and management as a self-employed consultant since 2013, Here I've been shaping everything from small startups to high multi 8-figure enterprises, with clients in everything from international companies to small businesses, non-profit organizations and - the public sector.

With 100+ brands in the assignment list that have achieved seven to eight-figure success, my broad background and experience in business development and management is a treasure trove.

Tailored solutions

I am here to help you through a unique combination of consulting and coaching services in: Advisory, Strategy, Outsourcing & Training.

Read more about my services in Outsourcing & advisory and Coaching & Leadership development

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